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Our Mission

Our mission at UK Esports is to create a dynamic and inclusive community where gamers, students, staff, and community members can come together to connect, compete, and learn. We strive to provide a comprehensive gaming experience, including access to top-of-the-line gaming equipment, exciting Esports and gaming events, and opportunities for professional and academic growth. Our goal is to foster a love of gaming and Esports while promoting teamwork, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Through our partnerships with industry leaders such as Gen.G Esports and our title sponsor, the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union, we are committed to bringing the best gaming and Esports experience to the University of Kentucky and beyond.

Esports Camp

Our Pillars

Student gamers competing at an event.

Academics Supercharged Learning

The UK Esports Program has more to offer than just playing video games for fun. Our mission includes providing students with opportunities to learn and grow in the ever-evolving world of gaming and technology. Our facilities, equipment, and resources are used by faculty to supplement their classes, allowing students to dive deeper into the subject matter and gain a better understanding of the technology behind gaming. Find out how UK Esports is using the technology of gaming to enhance the learning experience on our campus and across the region by clicking the picture above.

The UK Wildcat mascot observed participants in the UK and Gen.G event in New York as they tried out some of the latest games and gaming hardware from Samsung. Photo by Vinny Dusovic.

Community A Culture Made Together

You can't have a gaming community without building and understanding the needs of your community. With this as a guiding principle, the UK Esports program is focused on giving back to the community and region we serve. We understand the importance of engaging and enriching the next generation, and our program is dedicated to supporting the community in a number of ways. Click the picture above to find out how you can be a partner with UK Esports and be part of a rich and exciting community of innovators.

UK is leading the way in collegiate responses to esports in the United States.

Competition Rising to the Challenge

The UK Esports program recognizes the power of competition and the impact it can have on our growth as individuals. The UK Esports Club, a student-led organization, provides opportunities for students to engage in competitive events and develop their skills in gaming. Through these experiences, our students are able to push themselves to achieve new levels of success and growth. The benefits of competition and gaming, however, extend well beyond our campus. That's why UK Esports is dedicated to providing a healthy ecosystem of competition across the region so that all Kentuckians can share in what's Wildly Possible! Click the picture above to find out how you can get involved.

Our Partners

University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union Logo

The University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union (UKFCU) is proud to partner with UK Esports, providing the title sponsorship for the program's state-of-the-art gaming facility, the UKFCU Esports Lounge! As a trusted financial institution for the University of Kentucky community, UKFCU recognizes the importance of supporting initiatives that foster growth, innovation, and engagement for students and residents alike.

We are grateful for the support of the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union and the investment they have made in our program and facilities. Through this partnership, we are able to bring exciting and enriching experiences to the University and regional community, helping to shape the future of Esports and technology. Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of the UKFCU Esports Lounge community. Click here to find out how the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union is building community on our campus and throughout the region.

Gen G Esports

The UK Esports program is proud to announce our partnership with Gen.G Esports, a leading name in the Esports industry. With this partnership, we are able to bring exciting opportunities and events to our campus and local community, further advancing the growth and development of Esports.

Whether it's through engaging events that highlight the best of Esports and gaming, or through opportunities to explore careers and build Esports programs, the UK Esports program and Gen.G Esports are committed to providing the best possible experience for our community. Join us in this exciting new chapter and discover the limitless possibilities of Esports and gaming. Click here to see what Gen.G and UK Esports are creating together!

gen g logo black and gold

Our New Kentucky Home

Exterior view of The Cornerstone Building

The Cornerstone Building, located at the intersection of the University of Kentucky and downtown Lexington, is more than just a building. It is a hub of activity, innovation, and community engagement. Nestled next to the convenient parking at the Cornerstone garage, the building houses the UKFCU Esports Lounge, the UKFCU Esports Theater, and the Innovation Lab, as well as a variety of vendors, including Ethereal Brewery and Rolling Oven Pizza.

As the home of the UK Esports program, the Cornerstone Building is a place where students, staff, and faculty members can come together to foster their passion for gaming and technology. With state-of-the-art equipment and resources, the UKFCU Esports Lounge provides an environment for individuals to come together and compete, learn, and innovate. Additionally, the Innovation Lab serves as a space for those who want to explore new ideas and concepts, while the UKFCU Esports Theater allows for large-scale events and broadcasts. With free reservations for meeting rooms and spaces available to both UK and community members, the Cornerstone Building is a place for everyone to come together and be a part of something great.

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Connect to Kentucky Esports

Watch UK Esports on Twitch

What is Esports without livestreams of the action? The UKFCU Esports Lounge provides streaming content of its hosted tournaments, bringing you right into the action if you are unable to be there in person. Click on the picture above to view the Twitch Channel. 

Play at the UKFCU Esports Lounge

Interested in casual or competitive gaming? The UKFCU Esports Lounge provides the opportunity for anyone in the Lexington area to play causally or competitively through its monthly membership passes. These passes provide unlimited access to the equipment and games available in the lounge. Click on the picture above to visit the membership passes page and see which one is right for you! 

Join the UK Esports Club

Think you have wait it takes to be a competitive player? Join our Esports Discord and get involved with the competitive team and game of your choice. Whether you stick with competitive gaming or not, the discord is a great place to connect with like-minded gamers and to become a part of a growing and vibrant community.